Jimmie Kramer's Peanut Bar and Restaurant: Reading's most famous restaurant
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The Finest Draft Beer


Bell's Two Hearted IPA Späten Octoberfest
Guinness Stout Franziskaner Wheat
Yuengling Lager Hoegaarten Wheat
Yuengling Porter Stella Artois
Blue Moon Belgium White Bass Ale
Dogfish Head 60 Minute. IPA Troeg's Perpetual IPA
Sam Adams Cold Snap White Ale Coors Light
Angry Orchard Hard Cider Miller Lite
Coney Island Hard Root Beer


Our Own Wonderful Blends

Our Own Legendary Specialty… Half ‘n Half (Lager & Porter)

Black andTan (Guiness & Bass Ale)

Black and Blue (Guiness & Blue Moon)

Smoothie  (Guiness & Angry Orchard Cider)


Beers By The Bottle

Augustinerbrau Munich – Germany Sam Smith’s Nut Brown – England
Weihenstephaner – Germany Bass Ale – England
Beck’s – Germany Molson Canadian – Canada
Stella Artois – Belgium Grimbergen Blonde Ale - Belgium
Harp – Ireland Grimbergen Double Ale- Belgium
Heineken – Holland  
Pilsner Urquell – Czech WHEAT BEER
Amstel Light – Holland Hoegaarden- Germany 
Corona – Mexico  
Corona Light – Mexico MALTERNITIVES
Sam Adams Boston Lager – USA Mike’s Hard Berry
Sam Adams Light – USA Mike’s Hard Lemonade
Budweiser – USA Mike’s Hard Lime
Bud Light Lime - USA WoodChuck Hard Cider
Bud Light Platinum - USA Smirnoff Ice
Bud Light – USA  
Michelob Ultra – USA Kaliber – Guinness Brewing
Miller Lite – USA O’Doules – Busch Brewing
Rolling Rock – USA  PA Dutch Root Beer - USA


Jimmie Kramer's Peanut Bar Restaurant
332 Penn Street, Reading, Pennsylvania
610-376-8500 | Mike@peanutbar.com
Monday through Thursday 11:00AM-11:00PM | Friday 11:00AM-12:00AM | Saturday 12:00PM-12:00AM